Chappell Hill Lavender Farm

Lavender Blooming Update

March 22, 2018

Many people are calling or emailing to find out when the best time to come out to the farm is to see the lavender blooming.  Blooming is always a hard question to answer.  It depends on the overall weather and rainfall.  The past 3 years have been difficult due to the amount of rainfall that we have gotten.  Lavender does not like wet feet or excessive water so we have had to replant the fields the past couple of years and will do so again in April. There could be some blooms in May/June but at this time it’s a wait and see process.  We thought that we had survived the freeze but as time progresses we are seeing some die off from the Sweet variety. The recent rainy/drizzly weather every day also takes a toll on the plants overall. We will replant all three varieties in mid April and we hope that the late bloomers get established enough to produce for the festival in August.  There are a few of the Sweet variety that survived the rains and freeze so they could possibly be blooming in May…We hope that this year’s rainfall gets back to normal and the plants can get back on their blooming schedule.

The bluebonnets are out and they are terrific! Make sure that you come out soon to see them.

Keep checking the website for current updates and even if you’re planning a trip out to the farm in the next few weeks or months, remember that the drive and landscapes are gorgeous in Washington County! The farm is beautiful even if the lavender is not blooming. Stroll the fields and enjoy all of the handmade products and culinary items in our gift shop “The Lavender Patch”.  Relax in one of our rocking chairs and drink a glass of cold lemonade on the porch.  You can also visit our three miniature goats, Fonzie, Oreo and Moonshine.

We look forward to seeing you soon!