Chappell Hill Lavender Farm

Lavender Blooming Update

Updated October 6, 2017

We have been monitoring the plants and spikes and we were hoping that the Provence would kick in the last part of September but that has not been the case.  There are only a handful of plants that have spiked and very little have bloomed.  At this point it looks like we will not have enough blooms for cutting this fall.  All of this has been due to the heavy rains last year and our grower has also had a difficult time in getting our plants to us so that we could get them in the ground early.  We are hoping that we can get our spring plants on schedule and get them in the ground in early April 2018. We should also have plants for sale in early spring of next year. Fingers crossed that the rains will let up and that 2018 will be a dryer year!