Chappell Hill Lavender Farm

Planning Your Dream Wedding?

Grace, Beauty and Charm go Hand in Hand with Lavender

Whether you’re looking for something simple or elegant, we can help you find just the right gift or favors for your dream wedding.

We offer several beautiful and unique gift ideas for your bridal party and wedding guests. Many of our gifts or sets can be personalized especially for your perfect day.

Fresh lavender is available for cutting seasonally and we can provide dried loose lavender for tossing and dried lavender bundles year round.

A wedding at the Lavender Farm

Photos by Endless Exposures Photography

preparing a lavender wedding photo of lavender farm wedding by Casey Chateauvert

gazebo at the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm
wedding in lavender

Bridal Gifts

Lavender Sachets

Small Organza Sachets –

Many Colors Available – Can be purchased filled with lavender or unfilled. The 3x4 bag holds approximately ¼ cup of dried lavender buds.

Mini 2 oz. Lotion and Bath Gel

Mini 2 oz. Lotion and Bath Gel –

The mini’s can be purchased as a set or individually. We can also personalize them with your names and wedding date. You can choose from our aromatherapy essential oil fragrance or our day fragrances. Bottles available in white or clear.

Aromatherapy Travel Sets

These travel sets include our aromatherapy lotion, bath gel, linen spray and small guest soap along with a cleansing mitt. They make a wonderful gift for guests who are traveling and staying in hotels or B&B’s.  The vinyl bags can also be used for cosmetics later. 

2 pc gift set

Cotton Bag with Lavender Embroidery – 2 pc. Gift Set

How beautiful these bags are! Lace edged cotton bag with a see through organza square and two of our mini aromatherapy products.  Simple and yet exquisite- perfect for hostess gifts.

Rose covered bag

Rose Covered Gift Bags

These lovely bags cry out wedding! Dainty white roses cover the 5X7 bag. They can be filled with the 2 oz. mini’s or jewelry for your bridesmaids.

Using Fresh Cut Lavender

Dried Lavender Sachet

Fresh lavender is seasonal.  There are two varieties and depending on the rain, sun and other weather inconsistencies, it is difficult to know how much will be available each year and the exact time of blooming.
It is best to make sure that you contact us several months in advance so that we can evaluate the amount of lavender that the plants will produce and the best time for cutting.  No need to worry however, there is always dried lavender that can be used in place of fresh lavender.

Using Dried Lavender

Many brides have found that using dried lavender can be just as beautiful as fresh and is available year round.

Dried Lavender Bundles

The bundles can be separated into smaller bunches and used in table décor, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and for general decorating.
Each bundle is approximately 2-3 inches in diameter at the stems.
When using dried lavender, bouquets and floral designs can be made ahead of time.  This works quite well especially when fresh lavender isn’t an option.

Dried Loose Lavender
Loose dried lavender buds can be used in many ways.  For tossing, the organza 3x4 sachets work very well, or you can purchase the loose lavender in larger quantities and make your own containers for tossing.


How much loose lavender will I need for my guests?

One pound of loose lavender is approximately a gallon size plastic bag. You can make 50-55 (3x4 Sachet) bags out of one pound.  A 3x4 sachet bag contains around ¼ cup.  This is plenty for each guest to toss.
Dried lavender buds can also be sprinkled on table tops or a few buds in each glass of champagne adds a special touch.

Lavender has been a beautiful accompaniment for weddings throughout the ages. Let us help you discover how lavender can bring charm and romance to your special day!

Call today and let us help you explore the many ways that lavender can be incorporated into your ceremony or reception.
For more information, gift ideas and pricing, please call us at (979) 251-8114.

Bridal Photos

We always encourage visitors to come out and take photos here at our farm.  The same applies to Bridal photos.  We do not charge a fee for photo shoots, however we do ask that the photographers share their photos with us and allow us to use those photos on our website or other marketing.  Of course we will always give credit to the photographers and include their website or contact information.
If you are interested in taking bridal photos here at the lavender farm, please contact us in advance with the date/day and time that you would like to come out.  We make every effort to ensure that the grounds are in good condition to enhance your photos.